About the Red Project

Work on the Red Project began November 10, 2015. Lane and ramp closures will affect the entire interchange area.

The completion of the Red Project will address many of the heaviest traffic movements between I-235 and U.S. 54. Highlights include:

  • A two-lane flyover ramp for southbound I-235 to eastbound U.S. 54

  • A one-lane flyover ramp for northbound I-235 to westbound U.S. 54

  • Removal of the loop ramps in the southwest and northeast quadrants of the interchange

  • The loop ramp for eastbound U.S. 54 to northbound I-235 (in the southeast quadrant of the interchange) will be reconstructed with a more generous turning radius

  • The northbound I-235 ramp to eastbound U.S. 54 will be braided into the new ramp lanes from southbound I-235 to eastbound U.S. 54

  • The U.S. 54 bridge over West Street will be widened to accommodate the new ramp lanes

  • Auxiliary lanes on I-235 will be constructed between U.S. 54 and Central Avenue

During construction, two lanes for each direction on I-235 and three lanes for each direction of U.S. 54 will be maintained as much as possible. However, it will be necessary to close lanes and interchange ramps at times to facilitate efficient construction sequences.

Complete closure of highway sections is planned as the project progresses but notice to drivers will be given and posted detours will be used. Planned completion date is the summer of 2019.

Current Traffic Impacts

  • The EB US 54 Ramp to West Street is now OPEN!

  • The SB I-235 Ramp to WB US 54 is open.

  • Work on the I-235 bridges over US 54 has moved to the outside lanes of I-235 and all four cloverleaf ramps at the I-235/US 54 Interchange are closed until late December.

  • Work on the I-235 bridge over Maple Street has resumed and traffic has been reduced to a single lane for each direction under I-235.

  • NB & SB I-235 over US 54 is reduced to one lane for each direction for bridge repairs. The speed limit has been reduced to 45 mph.

  • EB US 54 Ramp to NB I-235 is CLOSED for a number of months. Detour to Edwards St. then to WB US 54 to NB I-235.

  • WB US 54 Ramp to SB I-235 is CLOSED for a number of months. Detour to Dugan Road then to EB US 54 to SB I-235.

  • SB I-235 Ramp to EB US 54 is CLOSED and will reopen when the new flyover ramp is completed. Detour to onto WB US 54 to Dugan Road then to EB US 54.

  • The new NB I-235 Exit to EB US 54 is OPEN and it provides access to West Street.

  • The EB US 54 Exit Ramp to West Street is CLOSED until November to complete the new ramps from I-235 to EB US 54 and to West Street.

  • The Douglas Street & Hoover Road intersection is closed for six months for reconstruction. It is east of I-235 near the new auxilliary lanes

  • Elder Street at Maple is CLOSED.

Coming Soon

  • Scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 22, the EB US 54 Ramp to SB I-235 will be closed from 9 am until 11 am for the installation of a light tower.