Public Information Meeting #2

Design Concept Review

The second of three Public Information Meetings regarding the I-235 Interchange Study was held on Tuesday October 24, 2006. The meeting was conducted in an open house format to allow people to examine and comment on the information provided. The intent of the meeting was to review and share comments regarding design concepts prepared for the Interchanges at I-235 and Central Avenue , I-235 and US-54/400 (Kellogg) and the section of I-235 that connects the two. Members of the study team were on hand to answer any questions and note comments. Over 130 people including citizens, business and property owners and City and County elected officials attended the open house. The information that was reviewed at the meeting is included in this section of the website. Please provide your comments on the feedback page provided.

The comments received at the meeting will be posted when available.

Please click on the room map below to view the specific information for the interchanges and I-235.